Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor is a freelance teacher with over twenty years experience working in the classroom. He is a visiting lecturer at Newcastle University and runs training courses in Mantle of the Expert, both nationally and internationally. Tim is the web manager and blogger for www.mantleoftheexpert.com and www.imaginative-inquiry.co.uk. He writes for several education magazines and is a contributor to the Guardian Teacher Network.

His book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mantle of the Expert’ will be published in July 2016. For more information visit – http://www.beginnersguidetomantleoftheexpert.co.uk/

Creating fictional contexts for learning


This session will involve the participants in co-creating a fictional setting. Followed by a discussion around the teaching steps, and how the context might be used to engage the students and generate learning activities across the curriculum.

Primary Professional learning