Tarjinder Gill

Tarjinder Gill

Tarjinder is an experienced primary school teacher. She has taught in multicultural inner-city schools in Birmingham, Leicester and London for over a decade.

Her middle leadership experience includes Subject Leadership roles in RE, History, Geography and most recently Computing. She passed her NPQML based on a project to implement the National Curriculum 2014 throughout Key Stages 1 and 2.

She is passionate about History and Politics as subjects, which formed the basis of her BA in European Studies at the University of Leicester and her MPhil in Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin.

Her interest in the teaching of British History in a multicultural society grew out of her background in this subject and her experiences of teaching in London.

Her current roles include creating teacher content in Science, RE and KS3 History for an education resource company and training teachers to use ICT across the curriculum effectively.


Twitter: @teach_well

Beyond Black History Month and Political Correctness: Teaching British History.


This session will examine how Black History Month and Political Correctness have become stumbling blocks to teaching British History. Instead two solutions will be put forward: 1) Linking British History with teaching British Values and SMSC; 2) Understanding how world history can be incorporated into the curriculum.