Stathis Stefanidis

Stathis Stefanidis

Dr Stefanidis is a Particle Physicist who joined the ATLAS experiment at CERN in Geneva since his undergraduate years. His research interests involved different aspects of the detector, including algorithms to improve the efficiency of the Muon Spectrometer and studies about the Higgs Boson beyond the Standard Model. After completing his PhD, he gained experience as a consultant working in the Oil & Gas industry with several consultancy firms. He is the Founder and Director of Phi Tuition, a London-based leading tuition centre specialising in science and mathematics. With background in computational physics and statistical modeling, his educational interests and research focus on using simulation tools for teaching Physics. He has been actively training and mentoring young students, preparing and developing them for their studies at Universities and for their future careers. Dr Stefanidis is an active member of the Institute of Physics (IoP) and The Tutors’ Association (TTA).


Discover the life and careers at CERN.


Having worked at CERN for 10 years, Dr Stefanidis will be discussing the experience that is working at the cutting edge of Physics in a multi-national, global laboratory like CERN. He will focus on the life that CERN scientists have and explain the different career opportunities that students could pursue.