Professor Sir George Berwick

Professor Sir George Berwick

As a highly successful head teacher and now Chief Executive of Challenge Partners and Olevi, Professor George Berwick has acquired an international reputation for introducing a number of innovative system-wide approaches to school improvement centred upon school-to-school work. This includes the development of the Teaching School concept, of which there are currently over 600 designated in the UK alone. As Director of the London Leadership strategy (part of the London Challenge) he’s developed the Local and National Leaders of Education roles, enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, peer review and the leadership of schools.  His innovations are used by over 1000 schools internationally.

As International Project Director for the Western Quebec Board and visiting Professor at the Institute of Education his leadership of system-wide approaches to school improvement, based around the effective management of knowledge, have helped to transform the educational opportunities of countless young people across the globe.


Twitter: @ChallengePartnr

Competition with Collaboration: Mission impossible?

Waterloo Hall

Are competition and collaboration polar opposites in current education delivery? Do they have to be? Professor Sir George Berwick explains how, instead of assuming polarity, school leaders are most effective when they harness the tools of collaborative best practice to drive forward competitive school improvement.

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