Paula Bosanquet

Paula Bosanquet

Paula Bosanquet is Head of Training and Development at the Cass School of Education and Communities, University of East London.  She is responsible for the planning and delivery of CPD and development projects with schools, school clusters and local authorities.  Her PhD studied the interactions between teaching assistants and pupils during literacy intervention sessions.  She carries out research and training in the area of teaching assistant practice, and recently authored ‘The teaching assistant’s guide to effective interaction’, the partner book to ‘Maximising the impact of teaching assistants’.  Prior to working in the HE sector she was a primary school teacher in London.


Maximising the practice of teaching assistants to develop pupil independence


This session is based on the recently published book The teaching assistant’s guide to effective interactions: How to maximise your practice . It explains a practical framework for TA / pupil interactions and a whole school CPD model which can be delivered by senior leaders in their own schools.

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