Martin Illingworth

Martin Illingworth

Martin Illingworth is Senior Lecturer in Education at Sheffield Hallam University, consultant teacher with The National Association for the Teaching of English and Associate Speaker with Independent Thinking.
Martin is a leading voice in English education today. He brings with him good humour, common sense and a passionate belief that what your students need is an education that offers them hope. Martin will inspire you to think about the education you offer.
Martin works with schools and universities across the UK and has recently returned from working in Cairo, Egypt.
In his new book, Think Before You Teach (2015), Martin asks teachers to reflect on why and how they intend to teach.


Think Before You Teach


Now more than ever, teachers need to hear some sensible voices in the sea of noise that education is generating; past the short term goals of children passing exams and schools looking good on the back of those results. Outstanding chasers need to think more deeply about the challenges of providing a genuinely purposeful education […]