Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter

Julie is an MFL teacher with 16 years experience in the state sector and now works as an Assistant Headteacher in Wiltshire with responsibilities for more able and gifted students. During her mentoring work with this cohort of students she has increasingly become concerned with student mental wellbeing and mental strength. In 2014 Julie completed a course on the Science of Happiness with UC Berkeley and is currently completing a Mindfulness Diploma. She is on a mission to improve the happiness of all students at her school and has written her own Positive Psychologies programme. The programme has been implemented across the entire school for both staff and students in 2015/16.


Can happiness be taught?

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Schools feel pressure to be exam factories and neglect the saying a happy child will succeed. With an increase in mental health issues in teenagers this is a panel to see how we have increased happiness as an antidote to academic pressures. Positive psychologies to help staff and students flourish.

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