Iesha Small

Iesha Small

Iesha Small is an Assistant Headteacher at a mixed comprehensive academy in Hertfordshire. She believes that the best leaders listen carefully and ask incisive questions before acting. Authenticity, developing staff autonomy and student autonomy are core to Iesha’s approach.Iesha has been teaching since 2004 and believes that a student’s educational and life outcomes should not be determined by their place of birth or family background. Iesha is a featured author in ‘Don’t Change The Light Bulbs’, and is currently writing ‘The Unexpected Leader’ debunking myths that may put people off applying for leadership positions because they feel they don’t fit the mould.Iesha is a confident, geeky and artistic introvert.


What benefits can introverts bring to school leadership?

Waterloo Hall

An exploration of benefits that introverts bring to school leadership and how we use traits naturally associated with introversion to be highly effective. I outline my leadership experiences as an introvert and share experiences from school leaders.

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