Geoff Petty

Geoff Petty

Geoff is author of ‘Teaching Today’ (5th edition) a best selling teacher training text in the UK and ‘Evidence Based Teaching’ 2nd edition, which summarises the extensive research on the best teaching methods strategies and techniques, and how to use them to improve your teaching and that of your team. His books have been translated into eight languages including Chinese and Russian.  He has a reputation for explaining issues concerning learning and teaching in a down to earth, but lively and inspiring way.

Geoff has led more than 500 training sessions in colleges and schools on the most effective teaching methods.  He strongly advocates ‘Supported Experiments’ – where teachers work in mutually supportive groups to improve their teaching – research reviews show this is the best way to improve teaching.

His website,, has lots of free downloads on it, and gets visited thousands of times a week.


The uses and abuses of research in education

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There’s a vast amount of research on education, but how do we use of it to improve the practice of teachers? Most writers pick and choose research that confirms their prejudices. Geoff Petty’s strategy is to try to ‘triangulate’ reviews of different fields of research, looking for agreement between them.

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