Eric Stoller

Eric Stoller

Eric Stoller is a higher education consultant, writer, and speaker.

Eric teaches organizations and educators how to use social media for learning and engagement and is an advocate for teaching students about a positive digital presence.

With a background in student affairs, academic advising, wellness, and communications, Eric focuses his energies on educating clients and captivating audiences. As the Student Affairs and Technology blogger for Inside Higher Ed, he generates conversations, answers questions, and provides insight about a variety of

Living in London and working globally, he drinks a lot of coffee, enjoys running, and spends his time writing, speaking, and thinking about social media, digital identity, and education.



Why educators can’t live without social media


Digital literacy is vital for communication, learning, and development. This session will showcase the positive aspects of comprehensive digital identity development within secondary education and how the modern educator can use social media to increase the digital literacy of their students.

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