Emma Knights

Emma Knights

Emma Knights is Chief Executive of the National Governors’ Association
(NGA), the leading charity for guidance, research, advice and training
for school governors and trustees. Prior to her appointment in 2010 she
was joint CEO of the Daycare Trust. Before that, she worked in a number
of roles in the voluntary sector, particularly in the Legal Services
Commission, Citizens Advice and the Local Government Association. As
well as leading projects on child poverty and educational attainment,
Emma has written on a wide range of topics, from child support to the
costs of early education. She is co-author of the Chair’s Handbook and
speaks at events throughout the year for school governors and trustees,
clerks and school leaders; as well as regularly addressing legislators
and the media. She was a governor at a secondary school in Warwickshire
for seven years.

Education Education Remuneration: should school governing boards be paid?

Concert Room

For those governing our schools there’s a substantial time commitment, more responsibilities and greater expectations than ever before. Many believe that now is the time to start paying for the skilled boards we need. But is payment the solution? And what about the Great British volunteering spirit? Join us for an engaging debate!

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