Dr Kathryn Weston

Dr Kathryn Weston

Dr Kathryn Weston is an independent researcher and motivational speaker in the areas of education, parenting and family life. As the founder of Keystone Aspire (www.keystone-aspire.com) she delivers talks and workshops in schools to parents and young people that encourage an aspirational approach to life and learning. She advocates an evidence-based approach to parenting; locating high quality research evidence, sharing it with parents and encouraging them to “try and apply” it at home. Dr Weston believes that parents are a child’s first teacher and the family home, the most important of learning environments. She believes in a partnership approach between parents,
young people and educational settings as this is how children are most able to thrive and reach their potential. Since 2011, Dr Weston has co-produced and presented over 300 episodes of “The Parents Show” on Radio Verulam 92.6FM, and interviewed some of the biggest names in the world of education.


Harnessing the power of parental engagement to drive pupil attainment


Pressure on schools is immense. Tensions between busy teachers and perceived “pushy parents” and/or less engaged parents can often feel like barriers towards helping children achieve their potential. This session aims to summarise the relationship between parental engagement and attainment, whilst describing “what works” when it comes to building home-school partnerships.

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