Chris Tweedale

Chris Tweedale

Chris Tweedale is CEO of CfBT Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust sponsored by Education Development Trust (formerly CfBT Education Trust).

Chris is also a full member of the Education Development Trust corporate leadership team and he takes responsibility for the Education Development Trust’s three independent preparatory schools.

Chris started his professional life as a teacher and then secondary school headteacher before using his school improvement skills on a national scale advising the UK Government on school improvement and working as an associate in the Cabinet Office’s education team at the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit. Later he became a UK senior civil servant, working on qualification reform in England before becoming Schools Director and the policy lead for the school system in the Welsh Government.

After joining the then CfBT Education Trust as UK Schools Director, Chris became Schools Trust CEO in 2014.

Effective governance in multi academy trusts

MFL 10

The direction of travel has been set: Most schools will be academies and the vast majority of these in Trusts. Governing a trust is different from governing an individual school. This session will look at lessons learned, emerging themes and whether we can reduce the need to re-invent the wheel.

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