Carol Davenport

Carol Davenport

Carol is the Director of Think Physics at Northumbria University. She has variously been a Physics lecturer, a copy editor, a physics (and science) teacher and a teacher educator. She currently runs a project which works with 30 partner schools in the North East, both primary and secondary, encouraging students to study physics and related subjects, with a particular focus on female students and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. She is also a school governor.

Carol is an experienced curriculum designer and has been involved with a number of different projects including creating an online video physics course and being the actor for a hologram. She has also worked with almost every exam board in a variety of roles, and is a textbook author.


Twitter: @DrDav

Gender equity in schools


What do recent reports on improving gender equality in science and engineering have to say to schools? This session will outline evidence from published by industry and elsewhere, consider the implications for schools and identify what lessons can be learnt to improve the gender balance in science and beyond.

Research Secondary