Barnaby Lenon

Barnaby Lenon

Barnaby Lenon was educated at Eltham College and Oxford University.  He taught at Sherborne School, Eton for 12 years, was deputy head of Highgate School, head master of Trinity School Croydon and head of Harrow (12 years).  He has been a governor of nine schools.  He is chairman of governors of the London Academy of Excellence, a free school which opened in 2012 in Newham, east London.  He is chairman of the Independent Schools’ Council, a member of the Oxfordshire County Council Education Advisory Committee, a trustee of the Yellow Submarine charity and a board member of Ofqual.

Lies, damn lies and private schools: myths about independent schools in England.

Waterloo Hall

Are independent schools in crisis? Do they get worse A level results than state schools? Are they propped up by overseas pupils?  Do their pupils do less well at university?  Have they priced  themselves out of the market?