CPD is a requirement for all teaching professionals, with schools and colleges obligated to provide up to 30 CPD hours per member of staff, per year.
Collect CPD hours at this year’s Festival

CPD activities are designed to enhance the professional’s ability to perform their role better, develop skills, competences and knowledge, and to keep abreast of the latest developments and thinking in the sector.

The Festival meets all these requirements and is not only excellent value when compared to alternative, more traditional CPD, but is unique in being a form of CPD that teachers are excited to attend!

CPD for your entire staff

More and more schools and colleges are seeing the CPD value of the Festival and now send groups of teachers, senior leaders, support staff and, in some cases, their entire staff.

In a time of possible resistance to new policy and change, the Festival will see staff return highly motivated, inspired, challenged, and full of new ideas to improve their teaching.

Networking and learning from peers

Teachers love to network and the Festival is developing into a networking event like no other. Teachers, support staff and leaders from every level, discipline and area of education can meet and discuss the important issues in an environment that sparks ideas and creativity.