Best Basketball Betting Sites

Many different people worldwide enjoy watching the NBA and even more like to place bets on their favorite teams. The possibilities for betting sites in today’s gambling market are endless and you are sure to find one that is a perfect match for you. Some are more popular than others though and for good reason. It takes quite a bit of work to be recognized as a good betting site. With so many different betting sites to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming. To help you out here are some of the best basketball betting sites that you can choose from today.

Point Spread Betting

One of the most popular types of betting, when it comes to betting on basketball, is point spread betting. With point spread betting you have a favorite’s team and an underdog team. It is like a handicap that is put on one team to give both teams an equal chance at winning in the bettors eyes. There are several different sites that are great to choose from if you want to place a bet on the points spread. If you are a US player a great option to check out is For point spread bets they have a -105 (1.95) pricing. If you are not a US player you can check out for another terrific betting site for point spreads. This betting site give their bettors a free bonus to start them out and they also process several different currencies making it possibly for a wide variety of players to join.

Money line and Total Bets

Two other ways to bet on basketball are a money line bet and a total bet. The money line bet is rather simple and you are betting on which team you think will win the game. With a total bet it is also known as an under/over bet. There will be a posted number and it is up to the bettor to decide whether the total points scored of the teams playing will be over the posted number or under it. It takes a little practice to fully understand the different kinds of betting but having fun and taking risk is part of the game. If you are looking for some great basketball betting sites to place a money line bet or a total bet then there are several different ones that you can check out. is one of the best betting sites that you can get some action on, preferably on the money line bets. They have some great odds and quick payouts for winners. Another betting site that is good to use for either of these two types of bets is They are one of the superior betting sites and have heavy underdogs and large favorites to choose from. These betting sites are generally for the more serious bettors although anyone is welcome to join them. If you are a player looking for promotions or bonuses then bet365 and Bookmaker would be some other betting sites to consider.